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Nothing is more frustrating for you or your business than NOT getting to the root cause of recurring problems! Our 20+ years of experience in Best Practices for firmware, drivers, network protocols, systems interaction, connectivity, equipment design, & more gives us the advantage to solve problems that have been frustrating your best support teams.


Private Clouds
Advanced networking
Streaming media
& more



Did you know...

  • Over 1 in 5 small businesses have experienced data loss that significantly impacted their business?*
  • 70% of small businesses that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year?**
  • 1 in 4 US consumers would NOT shop or do business with a company that had experienced a financial data breach?****

We'll review your current systems, network configurations & procedures to help prevent unauthorized access of your clients' confidential info.

Statistics supplied by: *Paragon Software Group, **PriceWaterhouse-Coopers, ***Techaisle, ****MarketingCharts




Epic IT Services founder Frank Schwartz knows how to apply his 20+ years experience to the challenges your're facing: from networks to integrated circuits, from applications to operating systems, from Photoshop to MP4's, from servers to mobile phones, & much, much more.









Complex configurations cause complex challenges...slow response, downtime, and worse, DATA LOSS. At Epic IT, we know your complex challenges means lost revenue. Our experience tells us to "LOOK OUTSIDE THE BOX" for quick, innovative solutions to your challenges!


From hackers to hardware failure and software malfunction, technology challenges can take your operation down at anytime. If you're a small business owner, you've worked hard for you success. At Epic IT Services, we make it our business to protect businesses like yours with setup and support for:

  • Back-up plans and automation
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Data recovery
  • Performance Tuning


Stories from some Epic IT Services clients...

Eva Konigsberg, Savvy Tax
Eva Konigsberg, Savvy Tax
Oakland, CA

Professional Tax Preparation Systems Sped Up & Security Tightened!

"I turned to Frank at Epic IT when I was in a crunch. He helped me remotely. Determined that my router information needed updating, solved my problem of not being able to get PDFs to show when using IE as my browser, sped up my Outlook searches and pointed out potential security problems that we subsequently addressed...THANK YOU, FRANK! I wholeheartedly appreciate your service and without reservation recommend you to other professionals. I am a professional tax preparer. We cannot afford to be down in crunch time. More importantly, security is an absolute top priority. To all my tax colleagues out there, talk to Frank. You will be glad you did."
    - Eva Konigsberg, EA, MBA, Enrolled Agent, Savvy Tax Inc., Oakland, CA

Lee Chinalai, Chinalai Tribal Antiques
Lee Chinalai, Chinalai Tribal Antiques
Shoreham, NY

Disaster Strikes Twice!
All Business Data Recovered!

"As dealers in tribal antiques, we depend on our computers as the brains of the business. When our primary 'brain' crashed, taking with it years of communication with customers, invoices, images, writing, records...it was like having a sudden case of amnesia. It was devastating. I contacted several repair services and was told the problem was irreversible and not to waste their time or my money. One place was willing to try but wanted thousands of dollars up front with no guarantee they could help.

Sometimes complaining to friends is the best thing to do. Fortunately I complained to the right friend who immediately said Call Frank at EpicIT! I shipped the hard drive off to California. I know it wasn’t easy and I know he not only took days working physically on the system, but also spent days – and probably nights in his sleep – thinking about what to do.

Somehow Frank not only retrieved the data but did so at a kind and reasonable fee. Then he set us up with an automated backup system and a list of procedures to ensure it would never happen again.

Which it might have – after Hurricane Sandy, when the surge of restored power fried the same computer a second time. Frank's written instructions were easy to follow but having wobbly confidence in my own ability not to mess things up, I called him anyway and he gently and clearly talked me through the simple restoration. Thanks to Frank our data was safe, my blood pressure stayed low and I was able to reboot in record time."
     - Lee J. Chinalai, Chinalai Tribal Antiques, Ltd., Shoreham, NY

Robert Odom, Reagent Solutions
Robert Odom, Reagent Solutions
Berkeley, CA

Networked Multiple OS Headaches -
Now Running Smoothly & Reliably!

"After being assured that Macs could run my critical Windows-based business software using Mac Parallels, I invested heavily in a Mac environment for my business and personal use. Then I was hit with constant headaches. My staff was ready to walk out as networking, printing and back-up problems was making our lives miserable. We couldn't get invoices or orders out and nothing worked properly. The company that sold me on this idea couldn't get it to work. It was an epic mess.

Then I called Epic IT Services. Not only did they straighten out this complex configuration and make our operations run smoothly, they identified and fixed security holes, network problems and improved performance significantly. They also put a backup solution in place that secured our multiple platform business data. I highly recommend their services."
     - Robert Odom, Reagent Solutions Inc., Berkeley, CA

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